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What is Bharath Snacks?

We’re an online snack food delivery company that deliver delicious and healthy snacks to workplaces and homes. In addition to curating boxes of the best snacks on the market for our customers, we have also developed (and are continuing to expand) our own line of premium, healthy snack products which are produced under the name Bharath Snaks

Are your products all-natural?

Yes. While we do not currently have an All-Natural certification on our label, our Good Source Snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and contain nothing artificial.

Do Good Source Snacks contain peanuts or tree nuts?

Afternoon Break does not contain nuts, Afternoon Boost and Evening Chill contain walnuts, and Morning Jump contains almonds. At this time, we cannot guarantee that our products are completely peanut free because they are made in facilities that make products containing peanuts.

Where can I find nutrition information on the website?

All nutritional information can be found on each individual product shopping page.

What is the shelf life of Good Source Snacks?

We recommend you consume Good Source Snacks by the date printed on the packaging, which is roughly 12 months (a little more) from the date of production. Like any edible food, Good Source Snacks will taste best the fresher it is!

How should the product be stored?

Your Good Source Snacks should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Are keep healthy snacks peanut/nut free?

No. We often produce products with various nuts such as pecans, walnuts, cashews and other tree nuts. Therefore we recommend anyone with a peanut or other nut allergy not to consume our products. We are an FDA registered facility and exceed all FDA requirements.

What is BharathSnacks Pricing?

Each office around the country is unique with different breakroom needs and different budgets. Our wide variety of programs ensure the perfect fit for every team and each is highly customizable to your needs. To better understand pricing, get a custom quote now or speak with a BharathSnacks Snack Advisor now to choose the best plan and price for your office.

How many calories are in a Bharath Snaks bar?

On average, the nut bars contain 209 calories and 23g nuts. So, nuts provide 142 of those calories or 70% of the total calories. Nuts are nutrient dense which means they have more nutrients for the calories.

Do Bharath Snacks contain artificial preservatives?

No, Bharath Snacks are free from artificial preservatives.